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Uncle Pai is dead and now will twinkle from the skies above us, for all the children of India.



TINKLE and AMAR CHITHRA KATHA, will be the reminders in our day to day life, of this great soul who has pioneered a COMIC REVOLUTION in India.  These books are in a way the strong roots that bind us to the rich culture and heritage of our great country.  It is so simple that we all are attracted to these tales; same time will have a profound role in moulding us as true Indians.

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and his creations;

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinkle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amar_Chitra_Katha

Read Amar Chithra Katha here : http://www.amarchitrakatha.com/

Read Tinkle online :                      http://www.tinkleonline.com/registration/index.php

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Nila Foundation

Surabhi Sunil is a fan of

What was once the life line of Kerala, is today a decaying, depleting river.
It is out of concern for Bharatapuzha (River Nila), the erosion of the river banks, the dilution of it’s culture, neglect and depletion of it’s resources :
that the Nila foundation was formed. Their study about the rivers is going to be released on 5th June 2010 and the book is titled “Puzha Malayalam”
“Puzha Malayalam is an exploration of Kerala and her rivers; a journey that begins with Kerala’s cultural history and wends its way to the environmental degradation of the State. It is a book that illustrates how rivers are a part and parcel of the Malayalee way of life. A book that reminds us that the death of a river is the death of Kerala itself and that the only way to protect life is by protecting rivers. A book that offers glimpses of hope, even as it underlines the burning realties of environmental degradation in the State. Written in the language of love, this is a book for every Malayalee who cherishes rivers.”
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