Uncle Pai is dead and now will twinkle from the skies above us, for all the children of India.

TINKLE and AMAR CHITHRA KATHA, will be the reminders in our day to day life, of this great soul who has pioneered a COMIC REVOLUTION in India.  These books are in a way the strong roots that bind us to the rich culture and heritage of our great country.  It is so simple that we all are attracted to these tales; same time will have a profound role in moulding us as true Indians.

Read a Wikipedia article on him;

and his creations;

Read Amar Chithra Katha here :

Read Tinkle online :            

Also try this :

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  1. i have been visiting your blog from the past few months and find your content quite engrossing but recently there is a radical shift in the way your write.can you tell me why your writing style has changed?

    • thanx !!!!…..
      happy that you were keen on reading my blog for months….
      i feel honored knowing it ….
      increasing pressure in studies could have taken away the depth of insight while writing….
      words from people like u will help me immensely…
      please keep visiting!

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