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On a July morning, the twins Mia and Ria were playing with their friends when they heard a small whine. They looked back to see a small puppy. By the sound of his whine, it was understood that he was lost. They searched around for its mother. After a long search when they didn’t find the puppy’s mother, they took it to the police station. After few days, they were doing errands for their mother when they saw a puppy coming out of the police station. They recognized it as the puppy they had rescued. They went inside carrying the puppy in their hands and asked the officer on duty whether they could take it. The officer whose name was Colin discussed their request with the other officers. After a while …they agreed as no one had yet come asking for him. So after finishing all the errands they ran back home with the puppy. They thought and thought for a nice name to give the puppy at last when they could not find a nice name the twins asked their mother what they should name it. Their mother thought for a while and then she said ‘Lucky’ as they were lucky to get a pet and Lucky was lucky to have someone take care of him.

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Living in a desert city, you may not find many birds or animals around you as natural as you find back home. The most you find here are stray cats around the garbage bins placed everywhere.

Occasionally a pet dog being walked by its owner, a few pigeons or sparrows on your window sills are the glimpses of animal life around you here. To see the native camel, you need to travel to the deserts outside the city limits.

But there are many shops selling pet animals here who are even importing dangerous and unusual pets such as Lions, Tigers, Baboons or even Pythons. Recently a python found on a road in Sharjah had created some panic to the passer-bys. Illegal trade of near extinct animals is reported many a times in media.

I do wonder what makes them happy to keep such animals as pets.

Pets could be either dogs or cats who love their masters back but not the wild animals that have no such love towards the masters. Even caging the harmless birds as pets could be wrong as no bird loves to be a captive.

Why do we enjoy seeing another living being in captivity?

Let them be lucky to live in their natural habitat.

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