Today is Vishu. The Malayalam New Year. Also the New Year in many other states in India.

I had school today unlike the children who have holidays now in India. I have only few things to remember about Vishu or any other festivals here. We have always had the Vishukkani, kainettam and sadya here( no fire crackers! no by law!), but I don’t even have a faint memory of Vishu celebrated at my ancestral homes at Tirur or Kuttippuram because we were never there at the time of Vishu . I have had all the images of Vishu from the words of my parents and from books or television. I think almost all my friends are alike even though some have experienced it back home in Kerala.  But my parents say there are many changes from the past when you talk about such celebrations, whether here or in Kerala. They say that every item was prepared at home only and never had an idea of buying a Sadya  from a nearby hotel. Here we get all the ingredients for a celebration ready to buy from a nearby supermarket or hotel, even then I believe I am missing the real fun of it which I may get back home with my grandparents and other family members. Is it nostalgia? No. it is not because nostalgia is about the things you had once and not able to, now. I have nothing of the sort “then”. My only luck  is that I have a mother who knows all these traditional recipes and we are still preparing everything at home, whether she or I have office or school to attend.  For me every festival is a note of thanks to my mom.

So the Vishukkani, Vishukainettam and Vishusadya were all there today also and enjoyed it. The rest I will be dreaming.

A happy Vishu to you all.

(pictures courtesy : Mathrubhumi)


8 thoughts on “LONGING ON A VISHU

  1. Hi Surabhi

    There are many like you here in uae. What to do? This is the price what we pay for being away from our place. Keep writing.
    Do not stop. Happy to see you young are taking an initiative into blogging.

  2. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

    Christian, iwspo.net

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