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Today is Vishu. The Malayalam New Year. Also the New Year in many other states in India.

I had school today unlike the children who have holidays now in India. I have only few things to remember about Vishu or any other festivals here. We have always had the Vishukkani, kainettam and sadya here( no fire crackers! no by law!), but I don’t even have a faint memory of Vishu celebrated at my ancestral homes at Tirur or Kuttippuram because we were never there at the time of Vishu . I have had all the images of Vishu from the words of my parents and from books or television. I think almost all my friends are alike even though some have experienced it back home in Kerala.  But my parents say there are many changes from the past when you talk about such celebrations, whether here or in Kerala. They say that every item was prepared at home only and never had an idea of buying a Sadya  from a nearby hotel. Here we get all the ingredients for a celebration ready to buy from a nearby supermarket or hotel, even then I believe I am missing the real fun of it which I may get back home with my grandparents and other family members. Is it nostalgia? No. it is not because nostalgia is about the things you had once and not able to, now. I have nothing of the sort “then”. My only luck  is that I have a mother who knows all these traditional recipes and we are still preparing everything at home, whether she or I have office or school to attend.  For me every festival is a note of thanks to my mom.

So the Vishukkani, Vishukainettam and Vishusadya were all there today also and enjoyed it. The rest I will be dreaming.

A happy Vishu to you all.

(pictures courtesy : Mathrubhumi)


Nila Foundation

Surabhi Sunil is a fan of

What was once the life line of Kerala, is today a decaying, depleting river.
It is out of concern for Bharatapuzha (River Nila), the erosion of the river banks, the dilution of it’s culture, neglect and depletion of it’s resources :
that the Nila foundation was formed. Their study about the rivers is going to be released on 5th June 2010 and the book is titled “Puzha Malayalam”
“Puzha Malayalam is an exploration of Kerala and her rivers; a journey that begins with Kerala’s cultural history and wends its way to the environmental degradation of the State. It is a book that illustrates how rivers are a part and parcel of the Malayalee way of life. A book that reminds us that the death of a river is the death of Kerala itself and that the only way to protect life is by protecting rivers. A book that offers glimpses of hope, even as it underlines the burning realties of environmental degradation in the State. Written in the language of love, this is a book for every Malayalee who cherishes rivers.”
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Story land

Lisa was a girl of six .She loved listening to stories .Her mother used to tell her a story everyday before bedtime. Only after listening to a story, she would go to sleep. On one such day, her mom ran out of stories. Lisa was sitting on the bed, as she could not get sleep.

She closed her eyes and suddenly  heard a voice telling her to repeat the spell ‘boom boom story land ’ two time’s. Lisa did what the voice told her as soon as she finished reciting the spell a magical powder was put on her.

When she opened her eyes, she saw a land full of stories and ran towards a lady who was shouting “free bedtime stories free bedtime stories.” She heard a beautiful story and then went off to sleep.

In the morning Lisa in her sleep, started shouting “one more story, one more story……….” her mom came running to see why Lisa was shouting. When she heard that Lisa had seen a dream she started laughing. Then her mom tucked her to bed and said “here take this book  ,and  enjoy reading it.”

Lisa still could not believe that it was all a dream. She then took the book and started reading it.