A search for “Endosulphan victims” in Google lands you straight at Kasargod, Kerala.

Change the search to images and then the haunt begins.

But there are many for whom the picture is still not clear that all these are the result of unscrupulous usage of Endosulphan in the nearby cashew plantations owned by the state. Who are they? Why they are ignoring the pleas of this helpless people?  Why this deadly pesticide is still not banned?

Why the state is still studying the issue which is hot for at least last two decades? Studies, as usual may take years, and in the process you may conclude it against Endosulphan, but what about this torture endured by victims?  Who will answer them? I believe none, because that is what we have seen in the past for the Bhopal tragedy victims and many smaller tragedies of this sort.  Campaigns have gained momentum all over the state and through media to BAN ENDOSULFAN. Good, at least let not be new victims .

Let us support BAN ENDOSULFAN.

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A tree that has travelled across the Arabian ocean from India as a small sapling.

A tree that has grown in a desert and lived more than 150 years.

A tree which is remembered until now by the older generation of a country.

A tree that has given shade to generations before its fall.

A tree that has inspired a statue in its honor .

It was a Banyan tree at Rolla Square, Sharjah. And Banyan is called Rolla locally.

In fact, a search for the meaning of Rolla has landed me to some information given here (you come across this word quite often in U.A.E as a street or square).

Rolla square in Sharjah is a famous locality where a unique memorial of a Rolla tree is built to honor the first Rolla/Banyan tree travelled from India to Uae in 1800’s and grown and served its purpose here in Sharjah until 1978 till its fall. The place it stood for years was called by its name and slowly became the heart of a desert city which spread to larger size over years.  Now Rolla square is the first thing to be mentioned when you talk about Sharjah. And that all started from a tree! Of course a tree is the greatest asset to a desert and that could be the reason a lone tree was admired this much and grown into a legend, and even inspired a statue in its memory.

See how a 65 year old local man gives its account, to the Daily “National”;

Ali al Shamsi, 65, stood recently before the statue of a tree – an unusual sight anywhere in the world, let alone the Arabian Peninsula, as he tried to explain how it came to be there.

“Here stood the biggest and greatest tree of the UAE,” Mr. al Shamsi said.

He grew up in the Rolla neighborhood, long before it transformed into Al Ghuwair market area. There used to be a single school, a few traditional homes, a store or two and a continuous flow of nomads and caravans who sought shelter from the beating sun.

“It was a common sight to see travelling families stopping by here to rest under the Rolla tree,” he said.

Every day after school, Mr. al Shamsi and his classmates would meet at the “special spot” before they headed home. “The tree was huge,” he said. “There were swings on its branches, which we all fought over, and we would climb it and have fun, and see the world from its top.

“All of us, including the animals, like cats and camels, would sit under it and enjoy its shade.”

(Courtesy: “The National”)

From these words, it is evident what this tree meant for them. A magic tree in the middle of a desert. And us, who cuts down many a tree all over this world on everyday basis, should look back to the legend of this tree and its memory lingering here at Rolla Square, to understand how dependant are we to nature and how we kills it.


Uncle Pai is dead and now will twinkle from the skies above us, for all the children of India.



TINKLE and AMAR CHITHRA KATHA, will be the reminders in our day to day life, of this great soul who has pioneered a COMIC REVOLUTION in India.  These books are in a way the strong roots that bind us to the rich culture and heritage of our great country.  It is so simple that we all are attracted to these tales; same time will have a profound role in moulding us as true Indians.

Read a Wikipedia article on him;


and his creations;

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinkle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amar_Chitra_Katha

Read Amar Chithra Katha here : http://www.amarchitrakatha.com/

Read Tinkle online :                      http://www.tinkleonline.com/registration/index.php

Also try this :



photo courtesy : http://www.mathrubhumi.com/books/story.php?id=641&cat_id=520

Lincoln’s Letter to his Son’s Teacher

Found the  following recently as a link from Mathrubhumi online, posted by dear mom on  facebook.

It is mentioned there as to be read by all teachers, along with a malayalam translation. Those who wish to go for the translation, may go to the following link:


A search in Google with the caption of this post, yielded several results and speaks about its popularity.

So go on and read it.

He will have to learn, I know,

that all men are not just,

all men are not true.

But teach him also that

for every scoundrel there is a hero;

that for every selfish Politician,

there is a dedicated leader…

Teach him for every enemy there is a friend,

Steer him away from envy,

if you can,

teach him the secret of

quiet laughter.

Let him learn early that

the bullies are the easiest to lick…

Teach him, if you can,

the wonder of books…

But also give him quiet time

to ponder the eternal mystery of birds in the sky,

bees in the sun,

and the flowers on a green hillside.

In the school teach him

it is far honourable to fail

than to cheat…

Teach him to have faith

in his own ideas,

even if everyone tells him

they are wrong…

Teach him to be gentle

with gentle people,

and tough with the tough.

Try to give my son

the strength not to follow the crowd

when everyone is getting on the band wagon…

Teach him to listen to all men…

but teach him also to filter

all he hears on a screen of truth,

and take only the good

that comes through.

Teach him if you can,

how to laugh when he is sad…

Teach him there is no shame in tears,

Teach him to scoff at cynics

and to beware of too much sweetness…

Teach him to sell his brawn

and brain to the highest bidders

but never to put a price-tag

on his heart and soul.

Teach him to close his ears

o a howling mob

and to stand and fight

if he thinks he’s right.

Treat him gently,

but do not cuddle him,

because only the test

of fire makes fine steel.

Let him have the courage

to be impatient…

let him have the patience to be brave.

Teach him always

to have sublime faith in himself,

because then he will have

sublime faith in mankind.

This is a big order,

but see what you can do…

He is such a fine little fellow,

my son!

~ Abraham Lincoln

Pictures courtesy : http://www.fullwiki.org & http://www.mathrubhumi.com

And to know about him more :


Oh God! Save Me! Forgive them!

At least, a few of you may remember the following lines from an earlier post by me.

“But there are many shops selling pet animals here who are even importing dangerous and unusual pets such as Lions, Tigers, Baboons or even Pythons. Recently a python found on a road in Sharjah had created some panic to the passer-bys. Illegal trade of near extinct animals is reported many a times in media.”

Once again I have come across a similar incident reported by media here. A Cheetah was roaming free on streets at Sharjah! After the stroll, it was found resting near a mosque. Obvious, must be praying to save him from cruel humans who kept him in captivity.

Courtesy : Gulf News
Read the news : –


Long time, I did not update this blog, and was busy back home in India on vacation. Everything seemed fresh and new and had some nice time with family at home and journeying.

Finally returning to Sharjah, cheered by a load of assignments to be finished for the school as usual during every summer holidays, fell flat on my stomach whining, later to come in terms with the reality of continuing the same old life before vacation.

Thus, I am back, going school with a bag loaded with all the stuff that will shape my future.

And exams started and will go on during this month.

So, I will meet you after few more days. Let the vacation blues be over.

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Candle light dinners are usually considered as romantic.

Once a while you may feel it heavenly and turn off the lights.

How about one at Sharjah now? Sharjah residents are now having such dinner’s everyday in their life. But if you need to sweat out through the dinner will it be romantic?

Reason to sweat out is the power outages. And leave the dinner, how it will be to sweat out all the day and the days to come in a desert city?

Ask the Sharjah residents about it. I have experienced few days of that sort in last year August and this year May. Problems seemed to have been resolved until 1st of Jul 2010 when I was leaving for my vacation to India, and people were relieved and optimistic. But now I am receiving fresh reports of power outages in Sharjah, even in the international media as well as in person update from my dad who is in Sharjah now and scheduled to join us in India next month. He has sent me few links and a photo of himself sleeping in the car at night, keeping the AC on.






And finally, power returns to most of the areas in Sharjah.
Gulf news report :http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/uae/general/as-power-returns-residents-cross-their-fingers-1.658183

I hope and pray that,these days never return to Sharjah.